What does becoming a Curious Choice Leader Mean?

Leadership isn’t about your job title, it’s about how you approach doing what you do.  Stepping into leadership is about making conscious choices through curiosity.

As leaders we know it’s our role to inspire and bring people together to deliver our vision, but what do you actually need to do to achieve that and be the best leader you can be and so you can achieve success on your own terms?

The Curious Choice approach to leadership is based on two foundational ideas

  • Choice:  You always have a choice.  In every moment and in everything we do we have a choice, a choice about how we react, what we do next and how we feel.  For every choice we make there are consequences, and leadership is about making sure the choices we make are good ones and the consequences are ones we can live with.
  • Curiosity:  A genuine desire to find out more about everything, people, situations, results, other businesses and other perspectives. You will be engaging your best thinking.   

When you combine these two ideas, your curiosity provides the information you need to make great choices.  You’ll engage people in the process and inspire them to bring their best thinking to every situation.

The Curious Choice Leadership Model

As leaders there are three areas we need to make sure we cover

  1. Leading - Creating a working environment which encourages others to come together and deliver our vision
  2. Managing - Getting things done
  3. Coaching - Unlocking the potential of the people we work with.
The Curious Choice Leadership Model

The Curious Choice sits where each of these roles overlap, and is the optimal place to work.

What does a Curious Choice Leader Stand For?

The curious choice leader is someone who:

  • Is always learning.  Learning about themselves, their businesses, their results, the people and the world around them.  They want to know how people think, what’s working and what isn’t, how they can bring their vision to life.  They’re always looking for ways to improve themselves, their work, the world.
  • Is open to input and information before making a choice, understands the impact of the choices they are making and who focuses on the best way to get things done. Being curious is not about procrastination, it’s about getting input and getting things done.  They ask great questions and listen to understand.
  • Achieves great things and delivering great results, working in a way that works for them and the people in their working world.
  • Unlocks the potential of those around them by creating great working environments, filled with conversations, people are able to contribute their best thinking, are challenged and supported to do their best work.
  • Defines success on their own terms and always acts with integrity and trust.

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