Small Business Saturday Special 

Get actionable hints and tips, specific to your team so you can maintain and improve their performance? 

Free TeamLytcica Report and Expert Coaching for bookings taken during December 2020 

When your team performs, your business performs.

Would you like actionable hints and tips, specific to your team so you can maintain and improve their performance?

Leading a team is tough, even when we are operating in a certain world and are all based in the same place.  With remote working being encouraged until at least the spring and the sustained uncertainty and pressure we are all facing, as a leader you are juggling more than ever. 

You need your team to be performing at their best and while you can measure how they are performing through KPIs, getting the insights you need to understand what is driving that performance and what can be improved is probably on the ‘yes I know I need to but, its too hard right now’ list.

We understand that, and want to support you as you plan how to work with your team next year.  Soduring  December, The Curious Choice Coaches have linked up with TeamLytica to bring you two incredible offers: 

Free Report


Free Coaching 

A free TeamLytica summary report identifying your team’s strengths and challenges across nine categories, their cohesion, stress, and morale

We are combining this with a free 45-minute coaching session to help you understand the data and what you can do to move the team forward.

Cut Price Upgrade Option

If you find the free report and session useful you can then upgrade to a full report and additional time with your coach to focus on any of your specific challenges that the 27 page report around 54 questions highlights.

Your TeamLytica Report from Bekka Prideaux and The Curious Choice Coaches is unlike anything you have used before – it’s not a psychometric test that looks at the individuals in your team, instead it is a view of 9 key traits that make a successful team – think of it as your Key Performance Indicators for things like team cohesion, stakeholder management and resilience.   

It uniquely measures how well the team works together, the pressure a team feels, and their confidence and enthusiasm for what they do Most importantly, it gives you practical day to day insights designed for leaders and backed by scientific research. 
Combined with the guidance of an experienced leadership and team coaching specialists in your one to one session investing a small amount of your time will give you clear actions to improve your teams performance whether they are working in one location or working remotely. 

Who are we?

The Curious Choice Coaches are a group of highly experienced leadership and team development experts.  They are led by Bekka Prideaux, a leadership development and change management expert with over 30 year’s experience in corporate and small business environments.  Bekka is a mentor for this year's Small Business Saturday Tour.

The Curious Choice Coaches enable leaders to get really curious about their situation, learn what they need, explore their options and then make great choices for themselves, their teams and their businesses.  Their coaching sessions are delivered on line, helping to make their coaching accessible to even the busiest of managers. 
TeamLytica’s insights reports were developed from many years consulting and working with leaders and high performing teams.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this offer really free? 
Yes the initial summary report and coaching session are free.  If you would like to dig deeper into the information and get a more in-depth report and additional coaching there will be an extra charge, and we have discounted that too.
What will I get? 
As well as your printed report you will get a 45 min coaching session which will enable you to better understand the report and decide what actions you are going to take as a result 


How does this work? 

When you click here button to take advantage of this offer you will be asked for your email address.  We will then send you an email with instructions and a link for you and your team to complete a 54 question questionnaire. It’s all confidential and no one can be identified by any other user.  Once that is done we will schedule your coaching call. 

I don't have a team, is can I still do this?
The TeamLytica insights reports are specifically designed to look at how a team works together, so it won't really help you.  Instead Bekka and the Curious Choice Coaches are offering a free Business Health Check - email for more details.
What should I do if I have more questions? 

Just email

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