How To Transition From Being A Day Rate Contractor To Being A Consultant Who Provides Services

Choosing to thrive outside IR35

Are the changes to the IR35 legislation going to hit you hard in the pocket and reduce your earnings?  

Let’s face it no one wants to be significantly worse off because of a change in the way they’re taxed, but, if you can only take contracts inside IR35, that’s the situation you’re up against. You’re going to be taking home up to 25% less of what you earn, and your bills are only going up.

For your clients, the cost of employing off-payroll employees is going up significantly and they’re going to need to work differently too. Maybe they’ll ban contracts like yours and only take on fixed-term employees or maybe they are asking for a rate cut when you renew, whatever their response, it’s less than ideal for you.   

What are your options?

You’ve talked to your accountant and while they can offer you tax advice they can’t offer you a solution to the fundamental problem. So you could just chase the contracts that are outside IR35, but that is what everyone else is going to be doing too.

It may feel out of your control, and what you need now is a way to protect your income, protect your work flexibility, and to keep doing the work you love and are good at.    

Here's the good news

You have a choice in how you handle IR35 and there's a proven solution that allows you to:

  • Keep serving your clients
  • Keep using your expertise
  • Keeping the flexibility in the way you work
  • Maintaining control of your income level
  • Support your clients in controlling their costs

That’s what becoming a consultant who offers productised services allows you to do, and I can show you how to make that transition.

Working together we’ll map out exactly how you can stop being a contractor who can be considered an off-payroll employee and start being the owner of a business that provides valuable services to your clients

We'll do this by:

  • Working out what you want to offer and how you would like to work going forward
  • Turning what you want to do into a menu of service packages clients will buy from
  • Defining how  these service packages are structured 
  • Strategically pricing your service packages
  • Planning how to market your service packages

During our time together, you’ll be able to contact me as often as you need via email or voice message as my goal is for you to get as much out of our work together as possible.You will leave with a personalised blueprint for your business going forward and a transition plan to bring it to life.

So are you ready to move from Day Rate Contractor to Consulting Service Provider?  

Are you ready to change your business?

Are you ready to choose your response to IR35?

From there we can jump on a free call to answer any questions you have, ensure that this is right for you and then make the arrangements to get started.

I’m Bekka and I’m here to guide you through the journey to becoming a service provider. I’m an experienced coach and for the last 30 years or so I have been working with people navigating change and finding different ways to do the work they want to do.  

Most of my career I have been fortunate enough to work with highly talented technical experts and specialists, who just like you are brilliant at what they do and want to balance keeping doing that with growing either a business or a career.

I’ve worked in major projects both as the person sourcing contractors and as the provider of services to projects, so I bring insights and experience as both a business owner, and corporate manage.

Bekka Prideaux Coaching
Is this right for me?

If you’re reading this page, then the chances are you want to take control and do something about your situation.  You’re not ready to give away that big slice of your income or be stuck scrambling to figure it out. You know what you need is a way to revamp your consulting so you’re ready for what’s to come. 

This service will enable you to 

  • Future proof your business
  • Protect your income level
  • Find flexibility in the way you work 
  • Avoid getting wrapped up in company politics
  • Invest in your future and to take action now to get the long term benefits

This service does not provide: 

  • Someone to run your business for you
  • Any income guarentees
  • Legal, financial or tax advice.

So are you ready to move from Day Rate Contractor
to Consulting Service Provider?  
Are you ready to change your business?

Let's jump on a free call to answer any questions you have, ensure that this is right for you and then make the arrangements to get started.

Frequently asked questions

This sounds great - how much does it cost?
This service costs £900 which includes all video meetings, all workbooks, feedback and support when you need it and your personalised business blueprint.

When does it make sense to work with you?
Changing how you structure your business and bringing on new customers does take time, so the sooner you start the better!

I’m currently working - can I do this without giving up fee-earning time?
Absolutely!  This is about protecting or growing your income, and yes it does require an investment of your time, but you can complete the workbooks around your work commitments and calls can be scheduled outside standard office hours too.  You don’t need to factor in travel time since our calls will be via video.

How will we work together?
During the two months that we’ll work together, we’ll have four video calls. These meetings will be held in my online meeting room.  Between each meeting, you’ll have a workbook to complete and you’ll have additional support by email and Voxer (voice messaging system).

I’m not really sure what being a service provider means?
Instead of being paid for the time you put in for an organisation and for the job that you are doing, you’ll sell service that gets your clients an end result. You design these service packages, you control how they work, what happens when to meet the completion dates, you control how the work is done and who does the work. You’re effectively turning some of what you do into products for the customer to buy.

What if I need more support after this?
At the end of this work together you’ll have a blueprint for your service business. We’ll discuss any ongoing support your business needs as part of your implementation plan. If desired, I can provide ongoing Leadership and Business Ownership support, and am able to recommend other professionals in other areas.

I have clients I’d like to offer this service to, how can you help me?
Thank you for asking!  If this is something you would like to offer to your clients please get in touch, I have a number of options for you so let’s chat and see how best to make it happen.

Here is what three of my clients have said about working with me ...

"I was facing an uncertain and challenging year with the roll-out of the off-payroll legislation to the private sector and knew I needed to find a different way forward for my business Pragmatic PMO Ltd. Having seen Bekka both present and facilitate at PMO events, I knew that if I worked with her she would ask good questions that would make me think, so I booked some time with her. I left our sessions with a solid action plan which I feel will help me achieve my business aims. Her warm, human, friendly-but-firm approach and the hard questions she asked also made me realise some things about myself.
If you are looking to make changes that are going to work for you, I recommend working with Bekka."

"I would strongly recommend you work with Bekka. She is very skilled at helping you to get at the crux of the issue and develop options. She is not afraid of challenging you to solve the big questions. She has a balance of both practical advise on specific things you can do, as well as thinking advice on helping you get clarity, develop options, and make decisions.  Truly professional support when most needed."

"I was feeling stuck and not sure what my next move should be.  I needed an objective view and having worked with Bekka before I knew she would challenge my assumptions and have some really valuable insights."

If you have any more questions please email
or Click below to schedule your free consultation call.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

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