Dynamic Delegation Workshop 

Unlock the benefits of working with a team

Learn everything you need to know to make delegation work well for you and your team

Dynamic Delegation Workshop

Build your delegation skills so you can unlock the benefits of working with a team

You know that to get everything done you need to delegate…

And you’ve tried, you really have, BUT somehow delegation just doesn’t work for you.

You find yourself frustrated with your team. You feel like they don’t get it. So you end up doing it yourself because you’re convinced it’s quicker and easier. After all, it’s your reputation on the line here.

The problem is that you know your team is frustrated as you’re blocking their ability to get things done. You’re standing in the way of them doing that you hired them to do.

You’ve got a choice. 

You carry on doing everything yourself, feeling overloaded and accepting that you will be the factor that limits your team and your business performance. (And it’s not pretty!) Or, you finally learn how to make delegation work for you and the people you are delegating to.

The key is learning how to delegate in a way that works for you and the people you are delegating to. It is possible, and here’s the good news, I’m here to help. This interactive live workshop will give you the tools you need to delegate in a way that:

  • Gets the things that need to be done completed on time
  • Gives you the level of control you need in your role
  • Engages your team so they do their best work
  • Is sustainable and doesn’t leave you exhausted
  • Stops you being the bottleneck that limits everything in your tea,
  • Builds trust and a healthy working environment
  • Develops resilience in your team

Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

Let me tell you when my clients get this handled, they feel like they can take a breath and then work on what matters most in the business. 

I know, I know. Delegation isn’t the sexy part of leadership but it is critical to your success as a leader. It’s fundamental to achieving the great results that we want to be known for and of developing a team we can be proud ofIn this 90 minute live workshop, you’ll:

  • Build a clear understanding of what delegation is and is not
  • Know what can go wrong when delegating
  • Learn My Dynamic Delegation Framework for effective delegation
  • Learn how to work out the different roles people play in different tasks 
  • Know what you need to do next to improve how delegation works for you

The goal is to get you everything you need to finally make delegation work for you. 

Plus, this workshop has been designed to be very practical and is packed with takeaways you can implement immediately.  You’ll walk away with an action plan for their next steps when it comes to delegating.

To ensure you’re supported as you implement your plan, three weeks later we’ll have a Q&A session to discuss how you are getting on with delegating. This will be your opportunity to get answers to any questions that have come up since the workshop.

It's time to invest in your leadership and get your delegation handled.


I’m Bekka and I’m the host of this workshop.   

For the last 30 years or so I have been either leading teams or developing leaders, and there’s one thing that I know leaders struggle with at least once in their career, delegating.  

Bekka Prideaux Coaching

During that time I’ve seen many approaches to delegating some of which have been effective, and some of which most certainly have not. 

I’ve seen what can happen when delegation is done badly, the negative effect on team outputs, morale and engagement. I’ve seen how it can kill trust within the team and make even the best team members doubt their confidence.  Sometimes you can spot when delegation is going wrong because there is a high turnover of team members and that brings with it a lot of extra time, cost and stress.  

I’ve seen leaders who have become the bottleneck stopping everything else around them, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at themselves and their team, all because delegation wasn’t working for them.  

In fact, if I had a pound for every time someone said they had tried delegating but it didn’t work for them, I would be very rich indeed.

What I’ve also consistently found is that when we work together we can fix all of these issues.  Many times people have not been shown or taught how to delegate, simply told to do it, which let’s face it is good advice but not that helpful.  And as we grow as leaders the challenges become bigger and often it feels like the foundation of knowing how to delegate is missing.

Dynamic Delegation is a Game Changer

I put together my dynamic delegation framework to guide you through the process of effective delegation:

  • delegation which gets the right things done on time and to the right standards
  • delegation which leaves you in control but not being controlling
  • delegation which unlocks your teams potential
  • delegation which demonstrates your leadership in building a work environment which is based on trust, support and performance.  

This tried and tested framework is based on practical experience as well as best practice theory and has been proven to work not just for me but for the countless leaders and managers I have shared it with.

In this workshop, I introduce you to the Dynamic Delegation Framework and together we’ll plan how to bring it to life in your work.

I’m offering this workshop because I  believe that everyone deserves to work somewhere they can add value and feel valued, as leaders how we delegate is a key way make this a reality for our teams and importantly for ourselves.  

When we are delegating well we create an environment which brings the best people into our teams and which allows us to focus on doing the things we do best and creating a truly amazing business.. 

Is this right for me?

If you’ve read this far the chances are you see the value in improving how you delegate.  

If you’re new to delegating either as a manager, project manager or leader this workshop will give you a strong foundation for how you delegate and build your team (even if they are not employed by you, or don’t work for you full time).

If you’ve been delegating a while and you frequently find yourself frustrated when you do, this workshop will give you a way of understanding those frustrations and a framework for avoiding them in the future.

If delegation is working OK for you now, but you are worried that’s just luck and you are missing something, or because you know you are going to need to be able to get great results more consistently with delegation as you grow your career and business, this workshop will fill in any gaps and give you that framework for the future.

Ready to become a better delegator?


I had Bekka offer this workshop as a session in the masterminds I run, and I personally walked away with so much valuable information for my own business.

As an agency owner, we're often involved in the day-to-day delegation for our clients. Many of the items we've covered have helped my team better serve our clients.

I'm more confident in my own delegation, and in managing complex projects for our clients. With one of our bigger clients we were able to help them bring on a new team member using what we learned in this workshop and things have been incredibly smooth. The new hire is thriving and is fully integrated into the team.

I get it, delegation sounds not fun, but let me tell you, but once you nail it, your life and business get so much easier. 

Maggie Patterson - Scoop Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this workshop cost? 
The live interactive workshop costs £150 or US$200

How long is the workshop? 
The workshop is made up of two parts - a 90-min interactive workshop where you will learn about delegation, the Dynamic Delegation Framework and how to apply it in your business. Three weeks after the live workshop you will be invited to join a Q&A call to discuss your progress and answer any questions you have.

Do I have to attend the workshop live or is it recorded?
This is an interactive learning experience so yes, you do have to attend the live workshop. If you can’t make the Q&A session you can submit a question by email which we will answer on the call and give you an email with the answer as well.

I cant make any of the dates what should I do?
I don't know when I'm going to be adding more dates, and there is a button on the booking page for you to leave your name and email address so I can let you know as soon as I do.

How many people will be at the workshop?
We are keeping the numbers small so you get as much help as you want or need from the workshop leaders. The maximum number per group will be 16 people.

How will this workshop be delivered?
The workshop takes place online so you can learn from the comfort of your own desk and computer screen.  We do recommend you minimise any background distractions while you are taking this workshop so you can get the most from it.

I have a whole team of people I want to put through the workshop - what's the best way to do that? Can you help?
Absolutley yes!  Having a whole team of leaders and managers working this way will have a really positive impact on your business. There are two ways I can help.  Firstly I offer a discount for having more than one person from your organisation attend and secondly if you have six or more people you would like to attend this workshop can be offered in house, just for your organisation and can be customised if you need it to be.  Email hello@bekkaprideaux.com and let's discuss what you need.

What should I do if I have more questions?
Just email hello@bekkaprideaux.com and let's chat.

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