Build Your Small Business So It Works For You

with the mentoring and support of

The Curious Choice Circle

You probably set up your business to do more of the things you love, to do things your way and to build your business around your life.

Yet the reality doesn’t always feel like that.  Yes, there are things about it that are brilliant, exhilarating and everything you had hoped for.  But it can also be lonely, exhausting, overwhelming and all consuming.

Sometimes you miss being part of a team. You miss having support from people who ‘get’ what you are doing and what you are facing. People who can offer you real support.  

You know what you need to know to serve your clients and customers but there is more to running a business than that - and that leaves you feeling vulnerable which is not how you want to feel!

Sometimes you feel your business controls you rather than you controlling it.

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and to do what needs to be done.

And sometimes you feel as if there is nowhere to turn, no one you can trust, who actually cares about the outcomes in your business.

Like me, chances are you agree that small businesses are at the heart of our economy, especially our local economy, and are at the heart of our communities. By strengthening and building our small businesses, we make a real difference not just in our own lives.

However you may have noticed that there is no shortage of slickly marketed, high priced courses, programmes and get rich quick coaches who have a system that will fix everything for you! But as you read up about them, the way they present what they do makes you feel a bit sick in your stomach, like you are not good enough and that you have to do what they say or else.  Something just feels off about these courses, programmes and coaches… and you are not sure you want more of that in your business and your life.

More importantly, let’s face it you don’t have time to wade through the information, the course or the programme to try and get the information you need.  

  • When you have a question you need an answer now.
  • When you have a problem you need advice based on your personal situation and your business needs, not something generic that is hard to apply.

What if there was another way? A way you can get the support you desire as you build a business that works for you and gives you the results you want - and not just the financial ones?

  • Practical actionable advice based on your specific situation - no course or programme to drain your time and energy until you find that one useful bit of information you're seeking.

  • Accountability to keep you on track with your commitments.  When we tell someone we are going to do something and we know they are going to check up, we are way more likely to do it, aren't we?

  • Skills and techniques that you can use every day.

  • Affordable cost for your start up or small business growth budget.

  • Support, encouragement and fun - people to cheer you on.

Well, that is what the Curious Choice Circle is all about! The Curious Choice Circle is a fit for you if you own or run a small business.  Your business might be in professional or personal services, retail, creative, freelancing, consulting, teaching or coaching, your main business or a side hustle.

Most importantly you are ready to get your business working for you and build a group of trusted business friends.

So what is the Curious Choice Circle?

Great question!  Led by Bekka Prideaux, an experienced Mentor and Coach and the founder of The Curious Choice, it’s a group of business owners that are working to build their businesses their way using the Curious Choice Approach.  

This isn’t a cookie-cutter solution where we follow a predetermined path.  

Instead, we get curious about

  • what is happening in your business,
  • the challenges that you are currently facing,
  • potential solutions,

And we dive into your questions and discuss them so you can make a conscious choice about what to do next. Then there is help and support to bring those plans to life.

So what’s included?

  • Two one hour online group sessions a month where you can ask questions, get curious and make choices.  Depending on your needs and the needs of the group these sessions will also include training on helpful tools and techniques

  • My brain in your business.  Specific feedback on your burning business issues and questions via ongoing WhatsApp support

  • Weekly check-ins

Let’s be practical here - life and business can be complicated, especially in the current climate.  You may not be able to make live calls. So the Curious Choice Circle has been designed to work with your schedule and your needs.  If you can’t make the calls don’t worry, you can still get as much value by submitting your questions and watching the replay, and by using the WhatsApp Support.

It’s time to invest in yourself and your business and join the Curious Choice Circle

The Curious Choice Circle costs £150 for three months


I’m Bekka and I’m the Mentor and Coach for the Curious Choice Circle.

For the last 30 years or so I have been working with businesses to help them grow. I specialise in developing leadership and supporting them as they build their businesses in ways that feel aligned to what matters to them, which work for them and which they enjoy.

Bekka Prideaux Coaching

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the largest companies in the world, brilliant small businesses and with amazing businesses of one.  I love seeing their achievements and watching them thrive.

And I’m right there with you running my own small business, I know the highs and lows, the pressure and the pleasures.  My work with clients and on my own business gives me a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t.  

My client’s value my pragmatic approach and the clarity and results they get from working with me.

I believe that small businesses are at the heart of our economy, especially our local economy and are at the heart of our communities.  By strengthening and building small businesses we make a real difference in people’s lives.  That’s why I’m one of the founders of Small Biz LB, a voluntary organisation promoting and supporting small and micro businesses in my home town and why I’m proud to be the presenter of Business Talk, the business show on my local radio station, Leighton Buzz Radio.

You can read more about my career on Linked In and here are some of the things people have said about working with me.

I would strongly recommend you work with Bekka if you are looking for expert advice and executive coaching. She is very skilled at helping you to get at the crux of the issue and develop options. She is not afraid of challenging you to solve the big questions. She has a balance of both practical advise on specific things you can do, as well as thinking advice on helping you get clarity, develop options, and make decisions.   SD Consultancy Business Owner

Thank you so much, it was super helpful and nice to speak to someone who's not involved in my personal life or business life to talk through what is usually only inside my head! LP Service Business Owner

I love talking to Bekka she is so insightful and is a great person to bounce ideas with.  LH  PMO Business Leader

Working with a coach who truly understood me and the issues I faced enabled me to make the changes I needed to in my business. Her questions can be tough to answer but really helped me clarify my thinking. Her support and mentorship meant I was able to take action and follow through on my plans.  SD Events Business Owner

Bekka helped us think through how to approach and manage a difficult situation with our business, I'm not sure how we would have coped without her!  HD Retail Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does The Curious Choice Circle Cost?
    The Curious Choice Circle costs £150 for three months.  You can pay up front of pay £50 per month. What happens after three months?  After your three months is up you will have the option to continue for another three months if you want to.

  • What happens if I can’t attend the live group sessions?
    I totally understand that attending live is not going to work for everyone all of the time.  You can submit your questions in advance and the sessions will be recorded so you can watch them back when you are ready. 

  • How are the live sessions delivered?
    We will use zoom for our live sessions, this means everyone can interact and we don’t need to spend time travelling.

  • Does the Curious Choice Circle include one to one sessions with you?
    Our WhatsApp conversations are one to one but other than that no.  You can however purchase one to one sessions with me at a significantly reduced rate while you are a member of the Curious Choice Circle.

  • How big are the Curious Choice Circles?We are keeping numbers small so you get as much help as you want or need from the Circle.

  • I’ve got a question you have not covered here, what should I do?
    Drop me an email at

Ready to build a better business?  Let’s do this! 

The Curious Choice Circle costs £150 for three months

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