Step Into Your Leadership

It’s time to start leading, one curious choice at a time

You’re brilliant at what you do.  You’ve spent years mastering your craft and it brought you great results.  Because of that success, you find yourself facing a new challenge:


Except you don’t really know what that involves, what do leaders actually do?  And no one has ever really shown you, let alone taught you how to be a leader.  It’s like everyone else has a manual and no one is giving you a copy.  

The result is that everything feels uncertain as you don’t want to fail.

The good news is that your uncertainty is a good thing.  It’s going to help you be an inspiring leader and do it on your terms.

You’ve got a choice about what to do, so the key is getting curious about your situation and the choices you’re making. 

Stepping into leadership is about making conscious choices through curiosity.

And I’m here to show you exactly how to do that.

I’m Bekka, and I’m here to guide you as you step into your leadership and become a curious choice maker.

For more than 30 years I have been fascinated by all things business.  My curiosity has helped me thrive in a huge range of leadership situations with different types of organisations.

I specialise in working with people like you, technical experts and business owners.  I help them get curious about their own leadership and unlock their potential.

The Curious Choice is a way of being a leader and thinking about what you do.  It’s an approach to doing the things you already do differently, rather than giving you a whole new set of things to do.  

What are you curious about?

Are you ready to get curious?

The choice is yours!

What People Are Saying About Working With Bekka

"Bekka has a unique ability to get to the heart of any issue. Whether working with team synergy, company culture development or leadership training, she always provides valuable insights and works hard to provide support, education, and mentorship. She's proven to be a most trusted member of our extended team of consultants." LG Managing Director

" I needed an objective view and having worked with Bekka before I knew she would challenge my assumptions. I valued the insights and some of the tools  helped me think about possibilities that I hadn’t considered.  The thing I like about working with Bekka is that she helps you with new ideas and thinking, so expect the unexpected. She’s always really honest and positive."  RE IT Technical Account Director 

"I would strongly recommend you work with Bekka if you are looking for expert advice on mid career and leadership coaching. She is very skilled at helping you to get at the crux of the issue and develop options. She is not afraid of challenging you to solve the big questions. She has a balance of both practical advice on specific things you can do, as well as thinking support on helping you get clarity, develop options, and make decisions.  Truly professional support when most needed." SD Technical Director

"Coaching is a personal experience. It requires digging down deep to recognise and verbalise things that you are finding tough, in order to work on them. You need to trust your coach with that information in order to move forward. Relationship with your coach is therefore key.  Having met Bekka at a networking event, I knew straight away that Bekka was the right coach for me...and after working together over a period of time, this remains true. Bekka has the ability to give you the confidence to do things you are unsure you can do. It always feels that she has your back and will never push you further than you can go. It’s amazing to look back and see what progress I have made with her support. If you are thinking about using a coach to help you move a specific task or yourself forward, I recommend Bekka Prideaux.." JD PMO Leader

"Working with a coach who truly understood me and the issues I faced enabled me to make the changes I needed to in my business. Her questions can be tough to answer but really helped me clarify my thinking. Her support and mentorship meant I was able to take action and follow through on my plans"  SD Business Owner

Now’s the time to make the choice to get curious.  

Learn how to be the best leader you can be, have projects that deliver positive and lasting changes, reach your goals and have fun along the way.

That starts with a conversation.

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