Your Next Career Chapter

Coaching and clarity for the next phase of your career

You feel stuck. Dissatisfied. And maybe even a little bit empty when it comes to your work.

Should you change jobs? Start a completely new career? 
All you know is that you’re not ready to retire, but the idea of doing what you’re doing today for the next 10 or 15 years is soul sucking.   You’re thinking about your next move, but you’re not sure what comes next.  You’re over just chasing status, power and money.  Most of all you’re ready for a change. 

This next chapter is all about adding purpose, passion and meaning to your story.  

It's all about leading the life you want to lead, now and when you retire.

But HOW do you make that change? Where do you even start?

Here’s what I know. You don’t need advice, there’s no shortage of people with opinions on what you should do next. 

What you really need is time and space. You need someone completely independent of your day-to-day to challenge your thinking and support your decision making.

That’s where Your Next Chapter Career Coaching comes in.  

I’m Bekka, and I’m here to help you map out the plot twists and turns of what comes next.  

I’m an Executive Coach with over 30 years experience working with people navigating complex changes. 

When we work together you’ll get a personalised blend of coaching using tools and techniques all designed to accelerate your transition through the current situation and set you up for success in the next phase of your career, whatever that looks like.  

The only agenda I have for you is getting you where you want to be. You don’t have to stay stuck, and you definitely don’t need to settle for the status quo. 

Bekka Prideaux Coaching

How your next career chapter coaching works?

We’ll start with a Coaching Power Hour during which we’ll dive deep into your situation. Using my BLOCKS analysis method, we’ll work to identify issues and map out your personalised programme.  

The areas we will look at in the BLOCKS analysis can leave you literally feeling blocked in and can be the building blocks for Your Next Career Chapter, these include:

  • Beliefs and Values: What really matters to you, the non-negotiables that underpin everything for you personally and professionally.
  • Legacy: How you would like to be remembered, and what you would like to be remembered for contributing to the world.
  • Outstanding Moments: The things you are most proud of achieving. 
  • Considerations: The practical considerations you need to include in your next chapter and beyond.
  • Keep Doing: The things you love to do both on the inside and outside of work.  The things you want to make sure stay so you can make those a focus.
  • Strengths: The things you are really good at at work and in life and how you leverage those to make everything simpler, and more enjoyable .

You’ll leave the session with some questions to consider which we will then use as the basis for our next session. 

This initial session will be followed by four further 45-minute coaching sessions each of which will conclude with definite actions for you to take.  These sessions will be conducted in my secure online coaching room so you won’t need to travel and can schedule them around your existing commitments.

Is this right for me?

If you’re reading this page, you’re likely experiencing the discontent and discomfort of not knowing what your next move is.  And it doesn’t need to be this way.   You can take action now to create a future that you’re excited about and you’re not just waiting to retire.

Imagine, no more..

  • Feeling “is this all there is?” 
  • Thinking you are climbing the career ladder but it is leaning up the wrong wall
  • Mornings wondering if you are doing the right thing
  • Feeling discontent and like your career is going nowhere
  • Creeping malaise that you just can’t seem to shake
  • Saying ‘it's just been a bad week’ each weekend
  • Waiting for others to make your career decisions for you

Your Next Career Chapter Coaching is waiting for you.

You just need to start. 

My clients just like you have experienced shifts after our work together including: 

  • Knowing what they do really matters
  • Being excited about the contribution they’re going to be making for the next decade of your career
  • Spending their time doing things you love
  • Leading the lifestyle they want to lead
  • Enjoying the travel they do rather than just seeing endless airports and hotel rooms
  • To get the balance of pressure at work and reward right for the life they want to live

Are you ready to start your next chapter?

Book a free consult call and let’s get started

Here is what one of my clients said about his work with me ...

"I wasn't sure what the next step of my career should be.  I was feeling stuck and didn't know what I wanted other than some new and exciting challenges.  I needed an objective view and having worked with Bekka before I knew she would challenge my assumptions.  I valued the insights and the tools helped me think about possibilities I hadn't considered.

Since I started the coaching I have changed direction completely and decided to become a personal trainer.  I've since gained a level 3 diploma in gym instruction and personal training.

The thing I like about working with Bekka is that she helps you with new ideas and thinking, so expect the unexpected.  She's always really honest and positive."

Why work with me?

I’m  an experienced executive and leadership coach who has enabled thousands of people to reach their full potential.

I’ve led change programmes that have doubled companies profits, changed the way Cadbury Schweppes ran projects and the way they recruited people.

Over the course of my career and as a coach I’ve enabled hundreds of people to start businesses and even more to realise their full career potential. As well as having led a diverse portfolio of functions in a range of businesses, I have deep experience developing leaders and enabling teams to grow and outperform their own expectations.

When we work together, I create the space and time for you to focus and I love unlocking your best thinking. (Oh and having fun while we do it!)

Here's what another  of my clients said about his decision to work with me ...

"I was approaching a big birthday and it made me think about what I was doing with my life.  I didn't want to be looking back in 10 years time and feel I had wasted them, I really wanted to make sure they counted for something.  The next career move that was being discussed would mean more of the bits of my role I don’t like and less of the things I enjoy. From our first conversation I knew Bekka understood my perspective and what I was experiencing, wouldn't judge me and she challenged my thinking.  With her coaching I have done some rigorous thinking, made some important decisions and I am excited about the next stage of my career. "

The choice is yours.

Here’s the thing - it’s your choice - you can continue to feel that something is not right, and that you are climbing the wrong career ladder, letting that feeling intensify as you head to retirement.  

Or you can do what you would do with any other business problem - address it and invest in finding the best way for you to spend the next phase of your career.

Don’t wait for further discontent and dissatisfaction to set in. 

Take action now to build a better future and do work that’s rewarding and something you want to do for years to come.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This sounds great, how much does this cost?
This programme costs £900 or US$1200.

 What happens if after the five sessions I need more?
I’m confident you’ll have made great progress in your five sessions. At that point, If you’d like to book more there’s several options to choose from.

 How are the coaching sessions delivered?
We’ll meet in my online coaching room. That means it’s easy to fit the sessions around your other commitments, no travel and the chance to be wherever you want to be for our meetings. You’ll want to be somewhere private where you can concentrate and many of my clients either book a quiet meeting room or schedule the sessions for when they are at home. The choice is yours.

Does it matter what country I am based in?
Absolutely not - since our sessions together happen online you can be anywhere in the world you can get an internet connection.

If you have any more questions please email

or Click below to schedule your free consultation call.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

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