Set Up For Success

Make Your Goals Happen

You’re an ambitious high achiever and you want to hit an important goal faster and with more assurance.

But you’re stuck. Maybe you are looking to set up a new business or you want to drive dramatically different results in your business or work role. Perhaps you’re launching a new product or service or even looking to change careers.

What ever your important goal the 3 month Set Up for Success Program can enable you to make it happen.

What is Set Up for Success?

The Set Up for Success program gives you a personalised blend of coaching and consultancy. It’s designed to give you the optimum levels of challenge and support delivered by an Executive Coach with over 25 years experience of getting results.

Here’s how it works:

  • In our kick off coaching session we’ll ensure you are really clear on your goal, why it’s important and what you need to do to make it happen.
  • We’ll then meet for 15 focussed minutes every other week to review your progress and confirm the next steps you are going to take.
  • During the three months of the programme you will also have two further coaching Power Hours that you can schedule as you need them. These sessions will help you overcome any issues that come up along the way.
  • All the sessions are held in an online meeting room so we can meet face-to-face and not have to waste time travelling.

Change is Hard, You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

As you read this, you probably know you need to make a change so you can make your big goal happen, and you’re wondering how best to do it. (And maybe even mixed emotions about it!) 

To be honest, we both know one thing: having the right support in place makes all the difference. It’s the difference between success...and things staying the same.

Bekka Prideaux

That’s where I come in. 

I’m Bekka Prideaux and I bring over 25 years of leadership and executive coaching experience to this programme. I’ve led change programmes that have doubled companies profits, changed the way Cadbury Schweppes ran projects and the way they recruited people. 

Over the course of my career and as a coach I’ve enabled hundreds of people to start businesses and even more to realise their full career potential. As well as having led a diverse portfolio of functions in a range of businesses, I have deep experience developing leaders and enabling teams to grow and outperform their own expectations.

I’m driven by a desire to help you make your goal a reality as fast and as effectively as possible - you know deep down you can do this so let’s make it happen.

Working together we can get you the results you want as fast as possible. Your plans will be more robust, benefiting from an outside perspective and the varied experiences I have had, so you will be working in a focussed and effective way while avoid traps and pitfalls. You will be able to overcome any issues you face along the way thanks to the additional power hours. And there is no need to worry about losing momentum or motivation - our fortnightly check in’s will stop that happening. 

What clients say

I am excited about the great results my clients get and here are a small selection feedback from people I have worked with.

"Bekka helped me realise that dreaming big was OK and that I could achieve those dreams. I came away from our first session with a plan and feeling positive and ready to complete my goal. I can’t recommend her enough."

"I was totally stuck in my career and went to Bekka with ‘there is this professional course I want to do so I can set up my own business, but it’s never going to happen.’ Now thanks to her, less than a year later I have completed the course and my business is flourishing"

"I was about to start my third new job in two years and wanted to make sure I really excelled in this one, I could not afford another failure. Working with Bekka meant I went into the Directorship totally prepared and with a structured approach. I found her insightful questions allowed me to really understand the new company, to work well with my new team and make a positive difference. I am proud of what I and my team have achieved in just a short time and I would recommend anyone moving into a leadership role work with Bekka."

"I was in such a mess, totally overwhelmed by everything in my business, working all the hours there were and never seeing my family. Working with Bekka I was quickly able to regain a sense of control and grow my business without working 24 hours a day."

"I was heading up a project team working in a challenging client where there was a serious risk of not only of missing a critical go live deadline but also of losing the client permanently. Having Bekka as an external coach and being able to leverage her extensive project experience allowed me to turn things around with the client and implement the project on time."

"Working with a coach who truly understood me and the issues I faced enabled me to make the changes I needed to in my business. Her questions can be tough to answer but really helped me clarify my thinking. Her support and mentorship meant I was able to take action and follow through on my plans."

Let’s Make Your Goals a Reality

Let’s get you off to a great start with a plan and the support you need to make big things happen.

This 90 day personalised one to one programme costs just £850/US$1050

Email to book your set up for success program.

If you have any questions I would be happy to hop on a call with you - just let me know and we’ll schedule it.