The Curious Choice Leader Podcast

Step Into your Leadership One Curious Choice at a time.  You're brilliant at what you do and you want to keep doing it, but your success means you have a bigger role and a team to go with it.  Suddenly you are facing a new challenge - leadership!  And it’s a challenge that keeps changing and growing with you, Being a leader is easier said than done and you are not really sure what a leader actually does each day.

This show is dedicated to helping experts like you become the leader you want to be, to create working worlds that work for you, your business and everyone connected with it.  On the show Bekka shares practical hints, tips and ideas you can take action on as you become the leader you want to be.

Review For The Curious Choice Leader Podcast: Highly recommend this podcast.

This podcast is packed full of the exact guidance and insight I need as a leader. Bekka’s experience shines through and helps us rise to the challenge. Most of all, she challenges us to get curious as we lead so we can constantly be learning and improving.

Review For The Curious Choice Leader Podcast: Great insights on leadership!

Bekka is a breath of fresh air! She is so insightful and approaches leadership in a refreshing way that causes you to pause and then take steps to showing up as the best leader you can be. This isn’t about being perfect, but imperfectly continuing to show up and lead! This podcast is for you if you’re looking for ways to become a better, more curious leader in all seasons of leadership. Thank you, Bekka!

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