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A Business Planning Bootcamp from Bekka Prideaux

2020 Vision

Get clear on your business plan for 2020

Start the decade as you mean to go on

Imagine going into the new decade inspired about your business and excited to get to work on your plan.  

That's where the 2020 Vision Business Planning Bootcamp come in

This Business Bootcamp is a practical fun and focused session packed with tips and techniques that you will get you tangible results, leave you knowing you are doing the right things, and feeling that you have everything under control. 

You will leave the Vision 2020 Bootcamp with your plan for 2020 outlined for the whole year with a detailed plan for the first quarter.  Ready for you to take action on right away.  This is going to put you in control, save you time, effort and frustration and make sure you are working on the things that are going to make a difference.

This isn’t the kind of workshop where you are given a one size fits all blueprint to fill in, instead you will learn a variety of planning tools and techniques that you will apply to your business under the guidance of an experienced business coach. 

Time to focus on your business and get a clear picture for 2020

The 2020 Vision Business Planning Bootcamp is perfect for you if:

  • You are really pushed for time, know you need a plan but don’t seem to be able to find the time to make one
  • You are wanting to grow your business next year
  • Your business keeps you really busy but you are not sure if you are working on the right things
  • You are not sure where your next clients are coming from and you want to get some consistency in your revenue
  • Sometimes your business feels a bit overwhelming and seems to take over everything in your life - and you don’t want it to be that way
  • You want to improve your productivity, profitability or both
  • Everything feels a bit disjointed in your business and if you have a team it’s not clear we are all going in the same direction


You want to clarity and control

During this bootcamp we will work through tools and techniques that mean

  • You are clear about why your business exists and what you want to achieve in the next few years

  • You knowing what needs to change in your business next year

  • You know and have used a range of planning and productivity tools and techniques

In short your 2020 Plans ready to go

What you should know

This is an interactive and practical session, so come ready to join in, plan and make sure you start 2020 worry free and with a clear plan - your 2020 Vision.

We are keeping the group size small so you get the personal attention that you and your plan need.

After the bootcamp you will have the option to book a one to one call to answer any questions that come up once you start working your plan. 

Are you ready to create your 2020 Vision and go into the new decade focused, in control and knowing you are ready to take the actions you need to take for your business?

Your Bootcamp facilitator, Bekka Prideaux has 30 year’s experience working with leaders to develop their businesses.  She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which will help you develop a great plan and avoid the traps other people have fallen into! 

She has worked with thousands of people to help them reach their full potential. She's worked with leaders in  multinational corporates, small businesses and with entrepreneurs who find themselves in positions of leadership.

I know that you have the potential to be an amazing leader for your team and your business, and my only agenda is helping you realise that potential.

Bekka Prideaux Coaching

The next 2020 Vision Business Planning Bootcamp is on Wednesday 11 December 2019 in Leighton Buzzard.  

The Bootcamp will start at 9.45 am and finish by 2.45pm.   All the materials you need, plus tea and coffee will be provided.

The Bootcamp costs £200

earlybird discounted pricing available until 25 November.

Frequently asked questions

I could do my planning on my own or take one of those free on line courses, why should I book on this?

Let's be honest here, yes you could - the real question is will you?  This bootcamp will help you ensure that you make the time to do it.  Unlike doing it on your own you will be guided through the process so you can concentrate on what you are putting in the plan rather than worrying about what to do next to get to your plan.  Additionally your facilitator will challenge you, support you and help you work through any specific challenges your plan throws up.

Unlike an online course this Bootcamp will provide you with just the information you need, and it will be adapted to reflect your particular situation, how you plan best and what is really going to work for you.

What do I get when I book this Bootcamp?

As well as the support of a very experienced business coach while you take the time to work on your business and get clarity about your plan for 2020, you get all the materials you will use on the day, tea and coffee and a 15 minute one to one call to answer any questions you have once you start to work your plan.

I want to do this Bootcamp but I can't make this date, what should I do?

Fantastic!  If there is sufficient interest we will arrange an additional date, or if it would work better for you we can arrange a one to one business planning session.  Just register your interest here and we will let you know about future Bootcamps.

Here is what three of my clients have said about working with me ...

"I would strongly recommend you work with Bekka. She is very skilled at helping you to get at the crux of the issue and develop options. She is not afraid of challenging you to solve the big questions. She has a balance of both practical advise on specific things you can do, as well as thinking advice on helping you get clarity, develop options, and make decisions.  Truly professional support when most needed."

"Bekka helped me realise that dreaming big was OK and that I could achieve those dreams. I came away from our first session with a plan and feeling positive and ready to complete my goal. I can’t recommend her enough"

"I was in such a mess, totally overwhelmed by everything in my business, working all the hours there were and never seeing my family. Working with Bekka I was quickly able to regain a sense of control and grow my business without working 24 hours a day. When you work with Bekka you work with someone who really listens to you, understands your perspective and challenges you - all the while supporting you and cheering you on"

If you have any more questions please email info@bekkaprideaux.com or Click below to schedule your free consultation call.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

My 2020 Vision

During 2020 I will be bringing you more Business Bootcamps.  These will include:

  • Keeping your Business on Track
  • Planning your Marketing
  • How to Delegate
  • How to Give Feedback That Makes A Difference
  • How to Make The Most Of Networking
  • How to Motivate Your Team
  • How to Get Ready For Difficult Conversations

and many more!

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