Are you ready for leadership success on your own terms?

Your role and your business is growing.  Fantastic.  You are an expert at what you do, and you don't want to leave that behind but now you find yourself needing to lead.

Not that you really know what that means in practical terms or what success as a leader looks like. You've not had much training or support in how to lead but you know you want to do a great job and to inspire those around you to do the same. ​

​Truth is you have probably been leading for a while, just without realising it, but now it's time to really step into your leadership and lead in your own way.

Working together we can leverage the uncertainty & unlock your potential

Let's get you set up for success!

My pragmatic and proven methods will have :

You reaching your goals and growing as a leader

 You making impactful and lasting change in your organisation

 Your team and your projects outperforming expectations

Meet Bekka

Who am I?  

I am the one who shares her insights from over 30 years experience making change happen as a leader, project manager and a coach, experience gathered across a broad spectrum of functions in a wide range of industries.  And I do it to help leaders and business owners across the globe.

I am the one who listens, understands, energises and brings a different way of thinking, the one who has created frameworks to help you unlock your thinking and your potential.

I am the one who creates the time and space for you to think, so you can overcome your current challenges, learn for the future and have fun while you become the amazing leader you choose to be.

I am Bekka and I am the one who makes you shine!

I help individuals, teams and projects get great results with a proven and pragmatic approach. With over thirty years' coaching, project management and leadership experience I've held a number of high profile roles including in Organisational Effectiveness and Development at Cadbury Schweppes and many functional leadership roles in a rapidly growing innovative manufacturing company.  

My approach is to enable her clients to achieve greatness by clarifying the issues, aligning what needs to be done, challenging them to execute their plan and review it continuously to improve their performance. I've worked with entrepreneurs and corporate teams in businesses of all shapes and sizes to significantly increase their revenue.  I've worked with high achieving teams, and with multinationals to drive change management and transformational business strategy.

As well as valuing the results of working together my clients appreciate my ability to both challenge and support them, the skills I helps them develop and the calm creative and fun environment I creates as we work together.  I firmly believes that change and learning happen best when you are having fun. Many of my clients also share my love of good coffee although I don't judge those who don’t!

You can read more about my work achievements on LinkedIn

When I'm not working, drinking coffee or walking her dog, I can usually be found at my local radio station or at the theatre  directing plays, pantomimes, and musicals.   My  experiences with theatre have provided many great Leadership and Project Management stories which I shares to help her clients learn from my fun experiences.

What People Are Saying About Working With Bekka

"Bekka has a unique ability to get to the heart of any issue. Whether working with team synergy, company culture development or leadership training, she always provides valuable insights and works hard to provide support, education, and mentorship. She's proven to be a most trusted member of our extended team of consultants." LG Managing Director ​

" I needed an objective view and having worked with Bekka before I knew she would challenge my assumptions. I valued the insights and some of the tools to helped me think about possibilities that I hadn’t considered.  The thing I like about working with Bekka is that she helps you with new ideas and thinking, so expect the unexpected. She’s always really honest and positive."  RE IT Technical Account Director 

"I would strongly recommend you work with Bekka if you are looking for expert advice on mid career and leadership coaching. She is very skilled at helping you to get at the crux of the issue and develop options. She is not afraid of challenging you to solve the big questions. She has a balance of both practical advise on specific things you can do, as well as thinking advice on helping you get clarity, develop options, and make decisions.  Truly professional support when most needed." SD Technical Director

"Coaching is a personal experience. It requires digging down deep to recognise and verbalise things that you are finding tough, in order to work on them. You need to trust your coach with that information in order to move forward. Relationship with your coach is therefore key.  Having met Bekka at a networking event, I knew straight away that Bekka was the right coach for me...and after working together over a period of time, this remains true. Bekka has the ability to give you the confidence to do things you are unsure you can do. It always feels that she has your back and will never push you further than you can go. It’s amazing to look back and see what progress I have made with her support. If you are thinking about using a coach to help you move a specific task or yourself forward, I recommend Bekka Prideaux.." JD PMO Leader

"Working with a coach who truly understood me and the issues I faced enabled me to make the changes I needed to in my business. Her questions can be tough to answer but really helped me clarify my thinking. Her support and mentorship meant I was able to take action and follow through on my plans"  SD Business Owner

Now’s the time to get set up for success! Be the best leader you can be, have project that deliver positive and lasting changes, reach your goals and have fun along the way.

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